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Dynamic User-Oriented QoS Specification and Mapping for Multimedia Differentiation Services


Hsu-Yang Kung, Fu-Wen Kuo


Vol. 6  No. 1  pp. 116~122


This paper proposes the Dynamic User-Oriented QoS Framework (DUQF), which provides the effective adaptation control schemes for dynamic QoS specification and mapping based on the combination of DiffServ and IntServ network architecture. A DUQF network consists of a DiffServ WAN and lots of attached IntServ LANs that connect to each other via a RSVP-aware router and a differentiation edge router, respectively. In an IntServ LAN, we designed the User-oriented Dynamic QoS Specification and Mapping (UDQSM) system to adaptively achieve QoS specification and mapping at the application layer. In the DiffServ of DUQF, we proposed the Dynamic QoS Queue Mapping (DQ2M) algorithm to increase the utilization of network resources and find the most appropriate service class that the media packets should map in an edge router of the DiffServ network.


Multimedia Communications, QoS Specification and Mapping, Queuing Management, Multimedia Differentiation