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Communication Control Middleware for Real-Time Streaming between Link-Aggregated Mobile Networks


Hiroshi Mineno, Koji Suzuki, Kiyoko Tanaka, Hideharu Suzuki, Norihiro Ishikawa, Tadanori Mizuno


Vol. 6  No. 1  pp. 132~139


We describe middleware for controlling communication between link-aggregated mobile networks. This middleware connects two link-aggregated mobile networks by creating high-speed wireless links between the hosts in one network and those in the other. The low-speed wireless links of the hosts can then be shared, enabling high-speed data communication through the Internet. Communication between mobile networks through multiple routes is done by distributing or relaying data packets, resulting in a higher aggregate bandwidth. Testing using a prototype has shown that stable real-time streaming can be achieved by using this communication control middleware which takes into account the uplink and downlink bandwidths and the delay differences between all possible routes.


Link-aggregation, Real-time streaming, FEC, Mobile networks