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Design of Secure Clustering Routing Protocol using SNEP and ?TESLA on Sensor Network Communication


Kun-Won Jang, Woo-sik Jung, Dong-kyu Shin, Moon-Seog Jun


Vol. 6  No. 1  pp. 171~176


Contrary to general network, sensor network has many restrictions such as energy recharge. Accordingly, security mechanism used to general network cannot be applied to sensor network. Many researchers propose method of security and energy efficiency separately. To maximize energy efficiency, the methods to support data aggregation and cluster-head selection algorithm are proposed. To strengthen the security, the methods to support encryption techniques and manage a secret key that is applicable to sensor network are proposed. However, energy and security issues are trade-off. This paper is devoted to design secure routing protocol combining conventional routing protocol with security protocol. This new protocol is that encryption algorithm and key management method are applied to specific routing protocol. Finally, we appreciate proposed protocol and look about future work.


Sensor network, Key management, Clustering, Energy savings