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A Hybrid Framework for Automated Onto-Logical Web Service Composition based on Agent Societies


Faezeh Ensan, Mohsen Kahani, Ebrahim Bagheri


Vol. 6  No. 3  pp. 30-40


The world has experienced a great evolution through the information technology era. Finding suitable vital industrial resources may have been the aim of the previous decades; however these goals have now changed. The pervasive computing environments have overwhelmed humans with a vast amount of information resulting in a lost in the hyperspace problem. Different methods have been proposed to structure and provide better information retrieval. The most recent developments have been the creation of the semantic web and the web services. The new challenge is to establish the basis for semantic web services that are able to be organized into a chain which satisfies the desired user functionality. In this paper we propose a framework in which multi-agent societies have been used to create an environment in which user requests are received (in a restricted English grammar format) and a suitable web service composition is formed. The framework targets distributed environments where no central web service registry is available.


Logical Reasoning, First Order Logic, Automated Web Service Composition, Intent Verbalization, Multi-Agent Societies.