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Congestion Control Model Based on Hop-to-hop Feedback for Active Networks


Nie Fei, Li Zeng-zhi


Vol. 6  No. 3  pp. 110-113


Traditional end-to-end congestion control mechanism is unfit for active networks. A hop-to-hop feedback congestion control mechanism suitable for active networks is proposed in the paper. In an active node, all arriving active packets are firstly classified into queues according to the next node through which they will pass. The length of queues in buffer indicates congestion degree of a node. The congestion status of current node can be improved by sending control packet to its previous node. The correlative nodes will cooperate to control congestion of network. Theoretic analysis and simulation experiment express that the solution can eliminate congestion of network effectively and rapidly.


congestion control, buffer, queue, hop-to-hop feedback.