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Adaptive Call Admission Control for Prioritized Adaptive services in Wireless/Mobile multimedia Cellular Networks


M. Sanabani, S. Shamala, M. Othman, J. Desa


Vol. 6  No. 3  pp. 114-124


New generation cellular wireless networks are designed to support adaptive multimedia services by controlling individual ongoing flows to increase or decrease their bandwidth in response to changes in traffic load. There is growing interest in quality of service (QoS) provisioning under this adaptive multimedia framework, in which a bandwidth adaptation algorithm needs to be used in conjunction with the call admission control algorithm. In this paper, we introduce an adaptive CAC algorithm to complement resource reservation mechanism and the ability of robust applications to sustain performance fluctuations. The proposed algorithm correlates the current status of resource consumption and scalable degradation via the derivations of several correlation index indicators. The result acquired from the extensive discrete event simulation developed has shown the ability for the proposed algorithm to enable a substantial enhancement to the static call admission control algorithms. The versatility provided by the proposed algorithm enable the elevation of call droppings to a substantial reduction level.


adaptive multimedia frameworks, quality of services, wireless/mobile cellular networks, call admission control, discrete-event simulation.