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Breaking Predictive-Coding-Based Steganography and Modification for Enhanced Security


Guangjie Liu, Yuewei Dai, Zhiquan Wang


Vol. 6  No. 3  pp. 144-149


The predictive-coding-based (PCB) steganography can embed a large amount of bits into the code stream of lossless compression with high imperceptibility. However, based on two elaborately chosen statistical features, the proposed steganalytic method can easily find the presence of a secret message with small error probability. To enhance the scheme’s security, a modified one is proposed, which preserves the prediction errors’ distribution by choosing the optimum adjustment parameter. Experimental results prove that the modified scheme can provide near-perfect security in Cachin’s definition and defeat the steganalytic method proposed by ourselves.


Steganalysis, Steganography, Information Security, Predictive Coding