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A Dynamic Framework for e-Commerce Portals


Man Hing Yu, Chee Chern Lim, Jesse S Jin


Vol. 6  No. 3  pp. 193-198


The objective of this paper is to enhance advanced e-commerce framework by supporting a complete customization of the data structure and layout presentation via portals technologies. This paper introduces a scheme using the generic data model in the database structure and interface-design toolkits, which allow the users to make modifications on the data attributes while the application has the ability to adapt these changes in the templates and layout presentation. The approach achieves greater adaptability, extensibility and reusability of database structure in the e-commerce applications. In addition, it discusses the integration of Content Management System and Business-to-Business web services compositions. This is achieved by three main portals: Business-to-Consumer portals, Content Management System (CMS) portals and Business-to-Business portals (optional/additional services).


Dynamic framework, adaptive e-commerce, portal.