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An Interactive Learning System in Elementary Schools


Masaaki Tanaka , Tokuro Matsuo , Takayuki Ito, Tadachika Ozono , Toramatsu Shintani


Vol. 6  No. 4  pp. 20-24


This paper is to examine interactive integrative learning support system for elementary school students. Our Web-based system enables a group of some 5 students and teachers to learn interactively by collaboratively creating outcome (i.e. Web pages) through a shared Web site. Three main functions of the system are followings;(1)To build a shared Web site directly from Web browser in order to support students and teachers who are inexperienced in composing HTML. (2) To modify and edit a shared Web site directly from portable terminals to support students at on-site training in real time. (3) An agent function that supports plan modifications and rerouting in case of students choose a wrong route. We have applied our system to research training and on-site training of elementary school students who are studying in a group as a part of integrative learning curriculum.


Agent-based e-learning support system, Interactive learning, Cooperative learning.