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Extrapolation Technique for Acoustically Induced Random Vibration of Honeycomb Panel


Shigemasa Ando, Shi Qinzhong


Vol. 6  No. 4  pp. 88-93


This paper applies extrapolation technique to the prediction of acoustically induced random vibration of honeycomb panel. Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) has been employed to predict vibroacoustic problem for space systems. SEA modelling includes the definision of subsystem and its parameter, therefore, it is very time-consuming work. Extrapolation technique, on the other hand, can predict the response based on the old experimental data acquired in the past and can give the result expeditiously. In this paper, in order to evaluate the accuracy of the extrapolation technique, the acoustically induced random vibration of satellite honeycomb panel under diffused sound field is predicted. The result of the prediction is compared with SEA result and acoustic experiment shows that extrapolation technique gives as satisfactory result as SEA.


Extrapolation technique, random vibrations, acoustics