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Delivery and Storage Architecture for sensing information using SNMP


Hongseok Jang, Kugsang Jeong, Deokjai Choi


Vol. 6  No. 4  pp. 130-134


Widespread use of sensor and micro processor leads to increasing concerns about context aware computing. Many researches about context aware computing are carried out around the world. Among them, Context-Toolkit and Semantic Space provide separation of concerns between sensor and application. They support making application development easier. However, they have a problem for lack of simplicity in communication, compatibility and flexibility in building systems. To solve it, we propose one delivery and storage structure for sensing information using standardized simple network management protocol which is useful to store and manage information in order to transmit and save sensing information. We also verify that this architecture is efficient in wireless sensor network to deliver and store environmental information through an implementation of a SNMP agent.


sensing information management, sensor network management, SNMP