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A Framework of Group Decision-Making in Network Environment


YU Zhu-Chao, FAN Zhi-Ping


Vol. 6  No. 4  pp. 135-139


The group decision-making (GDM) problem in network environment is a new research topic. It should be paid more attention. First, this paper gives a review of the relevant research on GDM in network environment and points out limitations of the existing research results. Then, the paper analyzes the main characteristics of the GDM problem in network environment. On the basic of this, a framework of GDM in network environment and its descriptions are presented. Furthermore, main research contents and meanings on GDM in network environment are also given. The work of this paper has important guiding significance to investigate GDM problems in network environment.


group decision-making (GDM), network environment, decision support, information/knowledge