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A Mobile Collaboration Knowledge Framework based on Mobile Ontology


Wang Weihong, Cao Yuihui, Qin Zheg


Vol. 6  No. 4  pp. 140-145


In order to depict the knowledge in mobile collaboration and effectively express mobile collaboration, a novel model MCKF ? a mobile collaboration knowledge framework based mobile ontology ? was proposed. At first, we give a description language been fitted to mobile application based on investigating to the application actuality of mobile ontology. Then, the basic concepts have been extracted from mobile collaboration and described them and their relations with MODL. Follow that, we created a visualization platform of MCKF that can provide powerful foundation for deeply comprehending mobile collaboration and more directly validate validity and rationality of knowledge framework and mobile collaboration rules. At last, we still give a specific instance of mobile collaboration game of mobile collaboration platform supported collaboration service. The MCKF and MODL have triumphantly applied to Mobile Collaboration Platform Supporting Collaboration Services (MCPSCS). The practice indicates that the MCKF and MODL provide a powerful means for advancing cooperation intelligence.


Mobile Computing, Mobile Collaboration, Mobile Ontology, Knowledge Framework