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Combining Coordinated and Uncoordinated Checkpoint in Pessimistic Sender-Based Message Logging


Mehdi Aminian, Mohammad k. Akbari, Bahman Javadi


Vol. 6  No. 4  pp. 156-161


Execution of MPI applications on Clusters and Grid deployments suffers from node and network failure that motivates the use of fault tolerant MPI implementations. Two category techniques have been introduced to make these systems fault-tolerant. The first one is checkpoint-based technique and the other one is called log-based recovery protocol. Sender-based pessimistic logging which falls in the second category is harnessing from huge amount of messages payloads which must be kept in volatile memory. In this paper we present a Coordinated Checkpoint from Message Payload (CCMP) to reduce the aforementioned overhead. The proposed method was examined by MPICH-V2, a public domain platform implementing pessimistic logging with uncoordinated checkpoint. Experimental results demonstrated the reduction of run-time for NPB benchmarks in both fault-free and faulty environments.