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A Conceptual Model of ERP for Small and Medium-Size Companies Based on UML


Jae-won Park, Nam-Yong Lee


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 42-49


Over the last decade, numerous companies have tried to adopt a commercial ERP package in the world-wide e-business and e-commerce environment. However, most of commercial ERP packages are designed for a large-scaled company so that it is difficult to adopt a commercial ERP package in terms of small and medium-size companies. Therefore, it is necessary for a small and medium-size company to seek for an approach for the ERP solutions. In this paper, authors describe a conceptual ERP model for small and medium-size companies by using “4+1” views of Unified Modeling Language. The conceptual ERP model consists of five subsystems: Manufacturing, Sales, HumanResource and Payroll, Trading, and Accounting. The conceptual ERP model is an architectural approach to enterprise systems. By using the model, small and medium-size companies, especially manufacturing companies, can afford to achieve global business process and to acquire ERP systems efficiently.


ERP, UML, Small and Medium-Size Company, Object-Oriented Technology