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An Intelligent Manufacturing System: Agent Lives in Adhesive Slice


Shilong Wang, Dongmei He, Hong Long, Marilyn W T Goh


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 73-80


Mobile Agents represented as adhesive slices are developed for production control and optimisation. These agents termed Agent Slices are adhered to both large-sized objects such as machine tools, large workpieces, pallets, etc. and small-sized objects such as cutting tools, small workpieces, etc. The abilities of Agent Slices to make decisions and establish wireless communication have shifted the production control principle away from traditional centralised manner into autonomous distributed manner. With the aid of Agent Slices, a flexible, autonomous, distributed production control system is developed. Due to the complexity of the proposed control system, a comprehensive discussion on the system cannot be fully presented within a paper, hence, this paper is mainly focused on the communication network of the Agent Slices. Discussions in this paper will include the agent’s architecture, working principle, abilities, communication architecture and platform, as well as the integration of Agent Slices forming an Intelligent Manufacturing System.


Bluetooth technology, Communication protocol, Intelligence agent, Production Control and Optimisation, Intelligent Manufacturing System.