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A Tabu Search Approach with Double Tabu-List for Multidimensional Knapsack Problems


Yi HE, Yuhui QIU, Guangyuan LIU1


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 87-92


The knapsack problems are a classic NP-hard problem in the combinational optimization. Inspired by the conclusion of the cognitive psychology about the human memory system, a Tabu Search method based on Double Tabu-List (DTL-TS) has been proposed to solve it. With the addition of the search strategy of intensification and diversification, the excellent experiment results have been gotten. Compared with ImmunoDominance Clone Algorithm, DTL-TS is shown to be an efficient approach of solving complex problems like 0-1 multidimensional knapsack problems.


Tabu Search, Double tabu-list, Multidimensional Knapsack Problem