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The Design of Controls in Supply Chain Management Sustainable Collaboration Using Decision Tree Algorithm


Se Hun Lim


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 159-162


Prediction of Supply Chain Management (SCM) sustainable collaboration has attracted lots of interests in the SCM researchers, SCM managers and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), because it is very important domain affecting business performance. However, there isn't the guideline and control model for SCM sustainable collaboration. Thus SCM managers and CEO have difficulty in decision making for SCM sustainable collaboration pursuing and operation. In this study, we developed control model of SCM sustainable collaboration using Decision Tree Algorithms (DTA). We used logistic regression analysis (LRA) and multivariate determinate analysis (MDA) as a benchmark. And we has compared the performance of forecasting SCM sustainable collaboration through three types of models; LRA, MDA, DTA. Using DTA to forecast SCM sustainable collaboration is the most outstanding. This result provided useful information of SCM sustainable collaboration determining factors in the manufacturing and distributing companies


Decision Tree Algorithm (DTA), Logistic Regression Analysis (LRA), Multivariate Determinate Analysis (MDA), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Sustainable Collaboration, Business Forecasting