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An automated system for the KIRAMS microbeam


Seungwoo Park, Donghoon Lee, Sangmi Shim, Seunghong Hong


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 185-189


An electron microbeam system has been developed to investigate the biological effect of cells by irradiating cell-nuclei with low-energy and low-flux electrons. It is essential to discern the cell nucleus from its cytoplasm and the culture medium and to locate it exactly onto the beam exit. The irradiation speed at more than 10,000 cells per hour is another requisite for the observations on cellular response to have good statistics. Long-time labor with patience and high concentration is needed since the frames of 320×240㎛² should be moved more than 500 times for irradiating more than 10,000 cells per an hour. This paper describes the electron microbeam system with a focus on the user interfaces concerning the process of automatically recognizing the cell nuclei and injecting electron beam into the target cell nuclei at the irradiation speed of more than 10,000 cell nuclei per hour.


Microbeam, cell irradiation, electron beam, target tracking