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Online State Estimation of Communication Networks


Atulya K. Nagar, Ghulam Abbas, Hissam Tawfik


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 49-60


This paper introduces a novel approach to congestion avoidance in TCP/IP networks. The new technique is based on State Estimation which addresses some general shortcomings of the current Active Queue Management schemes such as RED. State Estimation of dynamic systems is an important requirement for secure and economical process operations. It is an intrinsic element of many network management systems including Power, and Water Distribution Networks, where its implementation not only facilitates real-time network monitoring, fault detection, and process optimization, but it also enables an advanced control with improved system security. This paper presents some potential issues in TCP/IP networks where State Estimation can be applied to achieve better performance in congestion control. The results presented in this paper prove that there exist many uncertainties, anomalies, bad data, and measurement noises, in a real physical network, which if not remedied, can affect the efficiency of the queue management to a greater extent. The State Estimation scheme, proposed in this paper, is capable of filtering out the noise and hence provides an optimal control and security. This is validated by comparing the results to the simulation results of one such RED algorithm.


Active Queue Management, filtering, State Estimation, TCP/IP networks, Kalman Filters, Gaussian noise.