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Identity-Based Key Agreement and Encryption For Wireless Sensor Networks


Geng Yang, Chunming Rong, Christian Veigner, Jiangtao Wang, Hongbing Cheng


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 182-189


It is an important challenge to find out suitable cryptography for wireless sensor networks due to limitations of power, computation capability and storage resources. Many schemes based on public or symmetric key cryptography are investigated. Recently, a practical identity-based encryption technique is proposed. In this paper, we present an identity-based key agreement and encryption scheme for wireless sensor networks. The scheme is an elliptic curve cryptography type algorithm. We review briefly about identity-based encryption and decryption first, particularly, the Boneh-Franklin algorithms. Then we describe a key agreement and encryption scheme based on the Boneh-Franklin algorithms for wireless sensor networks. We discuss the efficiency and security of our scheme by comparing with traditional public key technique and symmetric key technique.


identity-based cryptography, security, wireless sensor network