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A Security Weakness of the CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access) Cellular Service


Dae Hyun Ryu, Seung Ju Jang


Vol. 6  No. 5  pp. 218-227


We consider the problem of security in the CDMA. CDMA system has wireless channels to transmit voice or data. By this reason, CDMA communication has a possibility of being eavesdropped by someone. It is known that eavesdropping in CDMA system is impossible because the voice data spreads with the PN. However, we can eavesdrop the CDMA data using FCM protocol in case that we know the ESN and the MIN. In CDMA system, ESN and MIN are exposed to the wireless channel. In this paper, we analyze the flow of the voice and signal in the CDMA system and monitor the forward traffic channel by the FCM protocol. The FCM protocol is proposed to monitor the forward channel in CDMA system. We can show the possibility of monitoring in one-way channel of CDMA system by the FCM protocol. The test instrument based on the FCM protocol is proposed to monitor the CDMA forward channel. We will show the system architecture of the test instrument to monitor the forward channel in CDMA.


CDMA, Security Weakness, FCM(Forward Channel Monitoring) protocol, ESN(Electronic Serial Number)