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Condensed Cross-Clinical Knowledge


Jun Nakaya†, Koji Sasaki, Hiroshi Tanaka


Vol. 6  No. 7  pp. 6-11


To explore biomedical space as post-genome research, knowledge can be a good navigator and a good exploratory basis. Before combining biological and clinical knowledge, clinical knowledge itself should be integrated with a unique scale within a clinical field. This unique scale should be cross-clinical and integrated knowledge should be condensed cross-clinically. To condensing knowledge cross-clinically, we considered three points. The first is to use the unified and optimized knowledge skeleton, the second is to introduce an unified description rule, and the third is to describe knowledge with standing on verbal side. Disease knowledge is described with its normalized skeleton to describe it with a single and optimized scale. To describe each feature of disease, we set down an unified and intentionally rough description rule that covers all clinical fields. Considering that words based description is ultimate human understanding and standing point on verbal side of ontology, we described all knowledge with words and texts. Each disease knowledge is composed into partially detailed anatomically index. This paper shows its methodology and results.


Condensed, Cross-Clinical, Knowledge, Normalization, Hierarchical expression, Logical Atomism, Anatomical Index