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A Real-Time Intelligent Flight Meter Simulator


Jian Zhang, Jigui Sun, Changsheng Zhang


Vol. 6  No. 7  pp. 23-29


In order to improve the flight training level, a real-time flight meter simulator is developed. Based on all-purpose simulation math model, it can complete all the flight subjects. In the intelligent control model, by comparison with the actual flight data prepared in advance in the repository, it can automatically adjust the control input, which makes the system error decrease gradually. The model of gauge transposition is designed, which guarantees the harmony of operation and meter. The XML technology is imported, which can simulate all kinds of aircrafts. The experiment data shows that the simulator has high efficiency, veracity and real time. Through practice, it can satisfy with the requirement of flight meter simulation training.


Aerodynamics, Flight Simulator, Intelligent Control, XML