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Designing Architecture for Constructing a Virtual Marine World


Cheol-Min Kim, Seung-Moon Jeong, Im-Chul Kang, Byung-Ki Kim


Vol. 6  No. 7  pp. 83-89


To construct more realistic virtual marine world, it required the marine environment and the production of objects through consideration of spatial characteristics and a system that can support the various forms of interactions. This paper proposes an architecture that includes realistic data, smart object modeling, 3D visualization and interaction that are the levels of the construction of the realistic virtual marine world. The proposed architecture has the advantage of the articulate combination and extension of environment recognition part, event control part, and behavior control part and fish object modeling part. The proposed architecture can be applied to the production of the realistic virtual marine simulation, marine game and marine ecology training material contents.


Virtual Reality, Virtual Marine World, Artificial Fish, VR Engine, Architecture