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The Translational Research Informatics (TRI)


Jun Nakaya


Vol. 6  No. 7  pp. 117-121


This paper introduces the Translational Research Informatics (TRI), its definition, its requirements, its technological background, and the perspectives. The TRI is the essential informatics to support the translational research (TR) phase that is a part of the early clinical trial phase. The TR is believed to be a key pipeline for the success of the omics based medicine. We analyzed the requirements to the TRI and defined the required informational technologies. In concrete terms, the integration of data and knowledge is the fundamental technology, and the establishment of the knowledge based prediction is principal to achieve the safe and efficient TR. The TRI is the critical informatics to meet the practical success in this post genomic era.


Translational Research Informatics, Translational Research, clinical trial, pipeline, informatics, knowledge processing