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A CIE Extraction System for CSL Learners


Shuang Xiao, Hua Xiang, Fuji Ren, Shingo Kuroiwa


Vol. 6  No. 7  pp. 152-161


It is obliged to provide an effective reading support system for CSL (Chinese as Second Language) learners, for recognition and comprehension of CIE (Chinese Idiomatic Expression) in Chinese text are very difficult for them. Though most current research are focusing on Chinese reading support, there is still no perfect system that can provide a convenient support aiming at CIE. In this paper, we mainly propose how to help CSL learners recognize and comprehend CIE. We have created a CIE database with 2,305 idiomatic expressions of contemporary Chinese. At the same time we have analyzed the basic structures and using forms of these CIE. By the analysis we have presented an extraction approach which based on rules and characters of these CIE. In our extraction experiment of CCE, the recall achieved 81.65% and the precision achieved 94.34%.


CIE, CSL, reading support, phrase extraction