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Verification of FSM using Attributes Definition of NPCs Models


Chong-Han Kim, Seung-Moon Jeong, Gi-Taek Hur, Byung-Gi Kim


Vol. 6  No. 7  pp. 168-174


The NPC (Non Playable Character) model is a very significant factor in the area of the on-line computer games and the design of virtual space systems. FSM (Finite State Machine) is the most widely used algorithm which uses the finite states to represent the behaviors of NPCs. The correct specification about the artificially intelligent NPC model prevents us from losing the resources in the phase of implementation, and makes it possible to verify the suitability for the requirement specification. In this paper, we defined the property about the behavior pattern of a fish object when we construct the virtual ocean, and we formalized and established the interrelationship of behavior pattern by environment changing. We designed and implemented NPC fish models which have a formal property in the virtual ocean by using FSM algorithm. And we proved propriety about the designed algorithm through verifying the functions of the NPC model with SMV, a model checker based on the CTL.


NPC, FSM, Model Checking, Virtual Ocean