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Development of a multi-media web board for user friendly e-learning system


Duk-shin Oh


Vol. 6  No. 7  pp. 190-193


With the spread of broadband Internet and the growth of information technology, web-based learning environments are becoming very popular. As a result many e-learning solutions have been developed. However, existing e-learning solutions focused more on the convenience of construction and management of solution provider but less on the convenience of usability of learner and instructor. In this paper, an e-learning system which gives priority to provide facility for usage to users and ease for management to providers is presented. The development of a multi-media web board using ActiveX technology provides the convenience for both user and manager. Using the proposed authoring tool can be possible to provide dynamic multi-media learning contents without any programming skill and to upload or register the prepared contents to the server without any knowledge of file transferring through network. The use of HTTP protocol and standard CGI interface to transmit learning contents from the ActiveX control to a web server gets high compatibilities with existing systems. The propose method enables to construct high quality online education system with low cost and is applicable to various form from small private learning server to large cyber university.


E-learning, Web-based Training (WBT), Learning Management System (LMS), Multi-media web board