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Chinese Question Classification with Support Vector Machine


Bo Liu, Zhifeng Hao, Xiaowei Yang, Xudong Lin


Vol. 6  No. 7  pp. 231-240


Question classification plays a crucial important role in the question answering system because categorizing a given question is beneficial to identify an answer in the documents. It is the basic and important module of question answering which task is to assign one or several classes to a given question; the errors of question classification will probably result in the failure of question answering. In recent years, support vector machines have been introduced for solving pattern recognition problems because of their superior performance. In this paper, we will perform the One-against-All Algorithm with support vector machine for Chinese question classification problems. The results show the excellent general performance of the Algorithm.


Question Classification, Feature Extraction, Semantic Dependency Relationship, Support Vector Machine, One-against-All Algorithm