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Inaccurate Information for QoS Routing in Ad hoc Networks


Noureddine Kettaf, Hafid Abouaissa, Thang Vuduong, Pascal Lorenz


Vol. 6  No. 8  pp. 69-75


This paper investigates the problem of routing with quality of service (QoS) requirements through ad hoc networks, when the information available for making such routing decisions is inaccurate. Inaccuracy in the information used in computing QoS routes, e.g., network state such as link and node metrics, arises naturally due to the ad hoc network characterized by frequent topology changes and link breaks. Our aim is to determine the impact of such inaccuracy on the ability of the route selection process to successfully identify routes with adequate unused resources. In particular, we focus on studying algorithms capable of selecting route(s) that are most likely to accommodate the desired QoS, in the presence of uncertain network information. For the purpose of our study, we assume that this uncertainty is expressed through probabilistic models, and we briefly discuss sample cases that can give rise to such models. In general, we establish that the impact of uncertainty is minimal for flows with only bandwidth requirements, but that it makes route selection intractable when end-to-end delay requirements are considered. For this latter case, we provide efficient solutions for special cases of interest and develop useful heuristics


Routing, QoS, Ad hoc, Inaccuracy, Bandwidth, delay