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Research of Fine Grain Diffserv Mechanism and Optimized QoS Mapping based on Policy Management


Hai-ping Zhu, Zeng-zhiP Li, Yun-lanP Wang


Vol. 6  No. 8  pp. 76-81


Present DiffServ can only provide rough granularity QoS guaranteed for clients since limited PHB classification. In this paper, a policy based Fine Granularity DiffServ mechanism as well as Universal Expression of Differentiated Service is proposed. The core idea of fine granularity differentiated service is that we can obtain different per domain behavior (PDB) by composing multiple per hop behaviors (PHB) in the path they passed. Then a GAs based Optimized PHB composition algorithm is designed. The results show that the near global optimal solution can be easily and quickly obtained by this method


QoS Management, policy, DiffServ, QoS Mapping