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Energy-aware Distributed Cluster Minimization Algorithm for Intrusion Detection In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks


Juan Huan, Shiguang Ju, Xiaoming Han


Vol. 6  No. 8  pp. 106-111


In this paper, we propose a distributed hierarchical cluster algorithm for intrusion detection in ad hoc wireless networks. Based on an energy level metric for potential ad hoc hosts, it is used to determine the duration for which a particular node can support a network monitoring node. Besides using boundary-first criteria, our algorithm minimize the number of generated clusters to reduce the communication overhead in transmitting inter-cluster information and network maintenance messages. Simulation results verify that the number of generated clusters is reduced dramatically and lifecycle of clusters gets longer compared to the well known ID-based and connectivity-based algorithms. Otherwise our proposed scheme is more energy efficient while maintaining the same level of detection rate.


ad hoc networks, intrusion detection, boundary node, critical node, energy-aware.