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A Chaotic Real-time Cryptosystem using a Switching Algorithmic-based Linear Congruential Generator (SLCG)


Raymond S. T. Lee and Henry W. S. Lam


Vol. 6  No. 8  pp. 116-124


In order to increase the security level of the existing secure communication techniques used on top of a non-guarantee protocol like RTP, a chaotic real-time cryptosystem using Linear Congruential Generator with Switching Algorithm (SLCG) was introduced. This cryptosystem applied the technique of Chaos Theory for data synchronization during real-time data encryption and decryption. SLCG, as compared to traditional chaos generator such as Logistic Equation (LE), showed a promising result in terms of computation time, trajectory distribution and key length. In summary, the proposed cryptosystem saved about 16% in term of the total time for real-time data encryption and decryption. Besides, its trajectory distribution can be varied with respect to the changing key. This new cryptosystem increases the number of chaotic equations used and shows a significant improvement in terms of data encryption (and decryption) efficiency as well as security level


Chaotic Real-time Cryptosystem, Switching-based Linear Congruential Generator, Chaotic Data Synchronization