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A Novel Image Scrambling Algorithm for Digital Watermarking Based on Chaotic Sequences


Zhu Liehuang, Li Wenzhuo, Liao Lejian, Li Hong


Vol. 6  No. 8  pp. 125-130


The main aim of digital image scrambling is to transform a meaningful image into a meaningless or disordered image in order to enhance the power to resist invalid attack and in turn enhance the security. This paper presents a new scheme of digital image scrambling based on the cat chaotic mapping. Firstly we use a cat chaotic mapping to disorder the pixel coordinates of the digital image and then perform exclusive OR operation between certain pixel value of the digital image and a chaotic value that is dependent on the encryption parameters, the iterative time and the coordinates. This is a new diffusion technique to uniform the statistical characteristics of the encrypted digital image. This method is easy to realize, has satisfied scrambling effect, and can be used as pretreatment for digital image hiding and disguising.


Image Scrambling, Digital Watermarking, Chaotic Sequences, Cat Mapping.