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Design of the Kernel Hardening Function in the Linux Network Module


Seung-Ju Jang


Vol. 6  No. 8  pp. 135-140


Many of the public key cryptosystems deal with two-party communication keeping confidentiality and authentication as primary goals. However there are many applications like banking that require multi-party communication. Though systems like RSA provided multi-party communication using shared key approach, overheads of RSA seem to be more because it has to choose n pairs of numbers such that the summation of these numbers is a large prime number. This needs to be done without revealing the shares of the numbers [1, 2]. The public key cryptosystem NTRU, based on polynomials, can be used for multi-party communication. This cryptosystem does not require these overheads. This paper proposes an algorithm for shared key authentication based on NTRU for multi-party communication, by giving algorithms for encryption, decryption and key generation.


Kernel Hardening, Linux, Network Module, ASSERT() macro