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Oversized Subnet and Shared NAT: A Practical Approach to Keep Private and Public IP Addresses Together


Il Hwan Kim, Heon Young Yeom


Vol. 6  No. 8  pp. 181-188


The growth of IPv4 Internet has been facing the infamous IP address depletion barrier. In practice, many IPv4 Internet edge networks are forced to be expanded by incorporating private addresses and NAT devices. In this paper, major limitations of NAT-expanded private networks are identified. Furthermore, a solution is proposed to encourage the mixed usage of private and public IP addresses in a single edge network domain. The solution comprises of two key ideas: oversized subnet and shared NAT. The oversized subnet removes the routing boundary between private and public hosts. Shared NAT saves public IP address resources by sharing them among several private networks. These ideas not only encourage the coexistence of heterogeneous address classes, but also lead to efficient sharing of global IP addresses


Network Address Translator, IPv4 Address Reuse, Residential Network