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Case-based Reasoning System for Prediction of Collaboration Level using Balanced Scorecard: A Dyadic Approach form Distributing and Manufacturing Companies


Se Hun Lim


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 8-11


A decision support for forecasting of collaboration level of supply chain management (SCM) has attracted lots of important decision making in the SCM managers and chief executive officers (CEOs) However, there are no guidelines and prediction models for SCM collaboration. Therefore, the company which pursues SCM can't execute control of collaboration systematically and scientifically In this research, we developed the SCM prediction models which were analyzed a balanced scorecard (BSC) based an SCM performance and an SCM collaboration using case-based reasoning (CBR). This model developed considering manufacturing and distributing companies perspective. The decision making model of SCM collaboration level suggests useful information to SCM managers and CEOs regarding collaboration decision


Balanced Scorecard, Supply Chain Management, Cased-Based Reasoning