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A Heuristic Price Prediction and Bidding Strategy for Internet Auctions


Mohammad Ali Tabarzad, Caro Lucas, Poorang Haghjoo


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 161-166


Undoubtedly the most complex part of creating an electronic market is how-to-buy problem. In order to solve how-to-buy problem, first should evaluate presented algorithms using simulated environments which simulates the electronic market and then using obtained results provide procedures for real markets. Not forgetting real markets limitations is a note that should not be ignored in problem solving. In this article some important kind of electronic auctions such as single seller english auction, nth price english auction and continues double auction would be contemplated and a solution would be provided for each. Finally algorithms performance will be tested in simulated environment (TAC).


Internet Auctions, Price Prediction, Bidding Strategy, Multi Agent Simulated Markets