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Design and Implementation of 2.4GHz Wireless Skype Phone


Shanq-Jang Ruan, Yi -Ruei Lai, Chin-Kun Wen


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 22-27


Recently, Internet phone is more and more popular, and is an emerging wireless technology. Among these, Skype is one of the most popular software at present. However, traditional internet telephony still works with wired earphones, microphones, and extremely limited range between the handset and the host running VoIP software. This paper proposes a new style Internet phone - wireless Skype phone. The core technology of the proposed Skype phone employed 2.4 GHz wireless network with hopping technology. The system consists of a mixed implementation of software and hardware. The system is divided into two parts: the base station and the handset. Three major parts are considered in the hardware: baseband circuit, RF circuit, and macro-controller unit. On the other side, in the software the third party application communicates with the device and transfers the human interface control parameters to Skype by the USB HID driver. Considering this 2.4GHz band is the same as industry, science and medicine (ISM) channel shared by a variety of other applications such as wireless network, bluetooth product and so on, we avoid the radio interference by designing a frequency hopping technology. Based on our results and analysis, our wireless Skype phone can save 13% power than bluetooth while talk time as well as anti-interference characteristics. Furthermore, unlike Blue Tooth, our wireless Skype phone can also dial out by its hand-set device


Wireless,Internet phone,low power