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LDMA and WLDMA: Load Balancing Strategies for Distributed LAN and WAN Environments


M.Aramudhan, V.Rhymend Uthaiaraj


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 76-84


This paper introduces a new load balancing algorithms, called LDMA (Load balancing using Decentralized decision-making Mobile Agents) and WLDMA (WAN Load balancing using Decentralized decision making Mobile Agents) which distributes load among local and geographically distributed web servers connected in a mesh topology, by a communications network. The performance of LDMA is compared with MALD (Mobile Agent Load Balancing) an existing mobile agent based load balancing and WLDMA is compared with without load balancing. LDMA and WLDMA architectures and all necessary attributes such as load deviation, system throughput and response time incurred as a result of the work are dealt with. In the proposed approach, a decentralized decision making algorithm is used for distributing requests among the web servers. A simulator is designed in C++ and implemented to model the LDMA and WLDMA techniques in the distributed web server environment.LDMA is new algorithm, which could be very useful in LAN environment. WLDMA could be very useful in WAN environment.


Mobile Agents, LDMA, WLDMA, load balancing, distributed system.