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A Design and Implementation of Forest-Fires Surveillance System based on Wireless Sensor Networks for South Korea Mountains


Byungrak Son, Yong-sork Her, Jung-Gyu Kim


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 124-130


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) become an important issue such as environmental monitoring, home or factory automation, logistics and so on. Many wild fires cause to damage on forest and a mountain which have valuable natural resources during the dry winter season. Current surveillance systems use a camera, an infrared sensor system and a satellite system. These systems can not support real-time surveillance, monitoring and automatic alarm. In this paper, we develop a forest-fires surveillance system in South Korea Mountains. We call this system FFSS (Forest-Fires Surveillance System). The developed FFSS consists of WSNs, middleware and web application. The WSNs measure temperature and humidity, and detect smoke. The middleware program and the web application analyze the collected data and information. The FFSS is possible to detect the heat. It let to know early alarm in real time when the forest-fire occurs.


Wireless Sensor Networks, Surveillance System, Middleware, Minimum Cost path Forwarding