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On the Enhancement of Unequal Error Protection Performances in Images Transmission over Time-Varying Channels


Pasteur Poda, Ahmed Tamtaoui


Vol. 6  No. 9  pp. 168-174


In this paper, we dealt with an unequal error protection (UEP) solution for visual-based quantized JPEG images coded and transmitted over time-varying channels by focusing our purpose on the question of how to improve the total rate-distortion performances of a given UEP scheme. In consequence, over an UEP scheme, a packet transmission solution is proposed with a retransmission protocol using rate-compatible punctured convolutional codes (RCPC codes). The simulated time-varying channel is a Rayleigh fading type where the transmitted packets do not always experience the channel distortion with the same intensity. Attractive results are issued from our simulations.


ARQ/FEC, JPEG images, RCPC codes, time-varying channels, UEP.