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Moving From AOP To AOSD Design Language


Deepak Dahiya, Rajinder K. Sachdeva


Vol. 6  No. 10  pp. 36-41


This paper recapitulates the work and summarizes the various stages of the research work carried out on development of Aspect Oriented Software Development Language (AOSDDL). It introduces the concept of “aspect oriented programming” and outlines the general path of research that has been taken. An analysis of the evolution of object oriented design methodology shows that the original object or class architecture was not designed for the requirements of today’s enterprise wide distributed environment. This paper outlines how the novel paradigm proposed by aspect oriented design language could advance the current design architecture and overcome its main design flaws. A discussion of the applications of aspect oriented programming and its advantages highlights the potential beneficiaries of this new design methodology, namely third party tool developers, software developers, software vendors and most importantly the end users.At the end, the paper describes the main research challenges that are targeted by this research effort Further, a series of conclusion remarks summarizes what has been learnt from this work, and how these experiences contribute to the wider field of research.