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The Research of Time Efficiency in Adaptive Content Delivery


Haiping Gong, Xiang Li, Xiang Lin, Jianhua Li


Vol. 6  No. 10  pp. 168-172


With different kinds of terminal clients coming up, adaptive content delivery is a hot research topic. The proxy, or the intermediary server, is often chosen to do the function of producing “adaptive” contents in real time. Admittedly, those resolutions addressed the adaptive aspect of content delivery very well. However, they did not make full use of another proxy’s important character, which is caching. In this paper, we concern mainly about caching the adaptive content. The object in our consideration is JPEG2000. The proxy in our paper support storing partial object in the cache and realize adaptive increment of the quality of copy in the cache for the subsequent requests. After testing the object perception time, we conclude that the performance can be enhanced after making partial object caching supported.


adaptive delivery, content negotiation,jpeg2000,web cache