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An Iterative Process Involving Interlacing and Decoposition in the Devlopment of a Block Cipher


S. Udaya Kumar, V. U. K. Sastry, A. Vinaya babu


Vol. 6  No. 10  pp. 236-245


In this paper, we have developed a block cipher by introducing the basic concepts interlacing and decomposition. Here, we have taken the key in the form of matrices, and the plaintext as column vectors, wherein all are containing binary bits. In the process of encryption, we have employed an iterative procedure. In the process of decryption, we have used the modular arithmetic inverses of the key matrices. The cryptanalysis carried out in this paper clearly shows that the cipher cannot be broken by any cryptanalytic attack.


Block cipher, key matrix, modular arithmetic inverse of the key matrix, interlacing, decomposition