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A Robust Digital Watermarking System Adopting 2D Barcode against Digital Piracy on P2P Network


Eui-Hyun Jung, Seong-Yun Cho


Vol. 6  No. 10  pp. 263-268


Due to the proliferation of the P2P network, digital content can be easily shared without any restriction, and P2P network permits a great amount of digital piracy. Though a lot of DRM architectures have been announced, those can not show any effective method against digital piracy on P2P community. To resolve the point issues, a novel robust digital audio watermarking scheme is presented to support insertion of dynamically generated user data into the digital content on the side of digital content provider. Embedding of watermarks is performed using 2D barcode in wavelet domain. The 2D barcode is insensitive to noise and has embedded error correction facility. In the proposed system, digital content consumer's information is signed and encrypted whenever the consumers initiate download of audio data. This information is dynamically encoded into 2D barcode as a watermark to the audio data. From the experimental result, the proposed system shows better inaudibility and robustness comparing with the conventional methods


Digital Piracy, Watermarking, P2P