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The Development of 3D Polygon Type Interactive Interface Design Prototype


HyeWon Lee


Vol. 6  No. 11  pp. 6-12


This paper proposes the development of 3D interactive interface prototype using basic shape of built and distributed by origin shape, direction, and texture mapping. The partial interactive interface of a polygon object is placed on polygon surface, which make interaction interface 2D based shape such as square, circle, and closing free-curve with harmless texture mapping. To building dynamic interaction interface, animation is required with several possible types for final interactive media format although most decent 3D application support various animation control function using key, skeleton, and blend shape. The final output is interaction interface prototype for web and multimedia interactive CD-ROM which has customized freeform polygon component interactive interface dealing with texture mapping. A designer for 3D interaction interface requires balance between design ability and technology limitation. This prototype shows how complicated 3D polygon object is implemented as basic 2D shape for 3D interactive interface.


Polygon, face, Interaction, Interface