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The Development of School Websites Management System and Its Trials during School Field Work in a Distant Place


Kyoko Umeda, Tetsuro Ejima, Hironari Nozaki


Vol. 6  No. 11  pp. 152-157


This paper presents the School Website Management System (SWMS) which includes (1) a system for creating websites using a CMS (Content Management System) tool, and (2) a certification system which allows access to the website. SWMS allows teachers to easily publish a webpage on the web without any other tools, such as FTP software or homepage creating software. SWMS was trialed in three schools as a part of field work, and was assessed by parents and teachers. The result of the trials, teaches responded they wanted to use SWMS in the future since they could update their webpage easily from a distant place in collaboration with other teachers; also, the parents showed high interest in the webpages created by SWMS because they could know about children’s activities during the event time and communicate with teachers and children.


School website, CMS tool, communication with teachers, parents