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Inter-ring Traffic Management in Bridged Resilient Packet Rings: Global Fairness and Buffer Overflow Prevention


Pisai Setthawong, Surat Tanterdtid


Vol. 6  No. 11  pp. 190-201


Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) is a dual-ring network, also known as the IEEE 802.17 Standard. As with other IEEE 802 networks, multiple RPR networks can be bridged together to form a bridged network when necessary. However, further research is necessary on additional issues that arise from bridging RPR networks. In this paper, we place emphasize on two of these issues; that is, fairness for inter-ring traffic and buffer overflow prevention at the bridges. We propose a global fairness reference model as the benchmark for global fairness of inter-ring traffic. We then propose a global fairness algorithm for implementing such a global fairness. We also propose how we can use the same algorithm to minimize the occurrence of buffer overflow at the bridges. Simulations were performed to evaluate the algorithms using various network scenarios and traffic patterns. The results show that the proposed algorithm can achieve the intended results of ensuring global fairness and minimizing buffer overflow in bridged RPR networks.


Resilient Packet Ring, Bridging, Inter-ring Traffic, Fairness Definition, Fairness Algorithm, Buffer Overflow